Plastic Extrusions has been manufacturing and supplying flexible packaging for wide width applications since 1979. In our 31 years of operation we have grown to become a leader in the large bag manufacturing industry. Our continuing success is due to our ability to respond to our client's needs, our innovative approach and our ability to produce high quality products.

Our low cost and efficient manufacturing system means that when you do business with us you can be assured of consistent quality, competitive pricing and unparalleled service - exactly what you should expect from a market leader.

As part of our continual efforts to improve the products and services we provide, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology which has increased the versatility of our product range and resulted in a 300% increase in production capacity, which means we are better equipped to meet your needs.


Strategic alliances play an integral role in ensuring we deliver maximum value to our clients, and these alliances are set to become increasingly important in the future as we constantly strive to obtain the best quality materials and provide the highest level of service.

Film supply is one of the most important factors in our production process, as without consistency in film quality and dedication to meeting supply requirements, our commitment to our customers' needs would be jeopardized.

Our strategic alliance with a major film supplier as a stakeholder in our business is pivotal to maintaining our high levels of service and customer satisfaction, and ensure that we never fail to meet our commitments.


Plastic Extrusions is a specialist liner and bag converting company dedicated to innovation and the development of modern packaging solutions for wide width mono and co-extruded film applications. We aim to become internationally recognized through our outstanding levels of quality, service and professionalism from our motivated and committed team who are proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it.


Our vision is to build enduring relationships with customers, both locally and abroad based on principals of innovation, excellent service delivery and transparency. We strive to develop partnerships with customers and suppliers, delivering maximum value through mutually beneficial alliances. Service delivery is key and we strive to maintain a culture of respect for each other and passion for our work.


At Plastic Extrusions we have declared a war on waste. All off-cuts and scrap are recycled within our establishment, converted into pellet form, packed and resold to be used in recycled plastic products, keeping the environmental impact of our production to a minimum.